our goals

what we hope to achieve

boys looking through gateThe school is unique in the fact that it educates pupils that come from many different areas of southern Sudan, where intertribal conflicts have greatly hampered the peace process. At Sud Academy, tribal differences are downplayed, and students are encouraged to participate in civil debates both amongst themselves and with Kenyan students as well. It is hoped that this model of open dialogue will be carried with the students as they repatriate to Sudan in the future.

quotes Hope is an orientation of the heart; an orientation of the spirit. It is the ability to begin something not just because it has a chance to succeed, but because it is a good thing to do.

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Although the students are living in poverty now, in the long term, if they can eventually obtain a Kenyan high school diploma at Sud Academy, this will make them more employable when they return to southern Sudan, where skilled workers are desperately needed in the areas of education, government and business development. If they can earn a living this way, they will realize their God-given potential to be contributing members of society in the future.