Educating Sudan’s next generation

Sud Academy is a school in Nairobi, Kenya that seeks to educate about 200 students, mostly refugees from southern Sudan. It was started in 2002 by the Sudanese community in order to educate their youth to become skilled, capable leaders that can assist in the rebuilding of their homeland of southern Sudan.

Why is there a need for Sud Academy?

There is a large population of Sudanese refugee youth currently living in Nairobi under desperate circumstances. They have escaped to Kenya from the war-torn land of southern Sudan, where many have witnessed family, relatives and neighbours being killed by government militiamen; watched their livestock being stolen; watched their villages and homes being burnt to the ground. These youth have escaped to the refugee camps in northern Kenya. Some made the journey with their families; some made it on their own.

But even in the camps a lack of security and shortages of food forces many to forge on to Nairobi in search of a better life; the possibility of an education and maybe even a job.

Unfortunately, life in Nairobi is often more difficult than could have been imagined. The refugees are often not able to attend Kenyan schools due to overcrowded conditions. and they are unable to secure employment. If the youth cannot find schooling or work, then boredom and hopelessness deflate their spirits even further.

According to Sud Academy principal, the school is providing a lot of help to its students by allowing them to get an education while at the same time maintaining their distinct culture. Being able to study at Sud Academy also gives these orphans something more than an education and a hope, it gives them a sense of belonging.

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