the need

nowhere else to go

Currently, the school relies on interested donors to meet its operational costs. No funding is available from the Government of Southern Sudan because it is in Kenya, and no funding is available from the Government of Kenya because the students are from Sudan. As well, the United Nations (UNHCR) does not provide funding because the school is not located in the official refugee camps.

Is the school completely reliant on donors for all of it’s needs?

No, the school has recognized that not all funding can come from donors. Students and their families have been asked to contribute for exam fees, exercise books, writing utensils, ID cards, uniforms. This is a heavy burden for many families and students living in poverty. Many of the older students have no family, they rely on the kindness of others to survive. To ask their caretakers for a small amount of money for these items is difficult for them, but is something they resolve themselves to do in order to obtain an education.

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