our progress

what has been achieved

two girlsThe school began as a primary school, and added the beginning levels of secondary education in 2006. Classrooms are crowded, and often there is a lack of desk space, but the students are determined to learn despite the less-than-ideal environment at the school. Both Sudanese and Kenyan staff are employed at the school. The school has done well academically when challenging other school in it’s district. There are strong sports teams for both male and female players. There is an active debate club.

quotes It’s not the certainty that everything will turn out well but the absolute conviction that something is worth doing regardless of how it turns out.

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The student population has increased since our involvement. This growth has occurred as more young people are leaving the refugee camps to look for a better life in Nairobi. As well, more families are wanting to send their children to Sud Academy because students there excel academically. This leads to overcrowded conditions, but the staff at the school do not want to turn away any child who is looking for an education, so the student population continues to increase.

Students are taught according to the Kenyan national curriculum. The school began as a primary school, but in 2006 the beginning level of secondary education was started as well. There is now all levels of secondary, while we have begun the process of phasing out primary level. Christian values are taught as part of the curriculum, and students from all faiths are accepted.